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Dementia in Senior Adults: Know When to Seek Outside Help

If your senior family member has dementia, it is imperative that someone tends to them day and night. Yes, they require frequent monitoring because of the complexity of this condition. Sadly, senior citizens who have dementia may suffer from a lack of concentration or reasoning, memory loss, hallucinations, or slow and unbalanced movements, which is … Continue reading

Avoiding Mealtime Choking Hazards During the Holidays

Many senior citizens look forward to family reunions or get-togethers because they get to dine with their loved ones, tell stories of their past, and share their knowledge with younger ones. It is the time when they feel connected and loved by the ones close to them. When you are planning a menu for family … Continue reading

The Benefits of Home Health Care

Health and well-being should always be an individual’s top priority. As your loved ones grow older, however, it can become increasingly difficult to take proper care of themselves and maintain a good quality of life. Naturally, with age, they will have less energy, their bones and muscles will grow weaker, and they will become less … Continue reading

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