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Fun Brain Stimulating Games for Seniors

A lot of cases have proven how aging can be tricky for your brain health. The good news is, there are ways to help maintain your memory and brain health. Keeping your body healthy is as important as keeping your mind healthy, especially in old age. Here at Advantage Senior Care, a trusted and well-established Home … Continue reading

Helping Seniors Achieve Healthy Hair

Our hair is among the most noticeable part of our body—even from a distance. And it plays a huge part in our appearance. As we age, we lose the luster we once had. The color may turn gray and we may experience some hair loss. These changes can also affect how seniors feel about themselves. … Continue reading

Anemia in Seniors Must Not Be Taken Lightly

Senior citizens who have an iron deficiency and vitamin B12 deficiency can have anemia. Although the condition may not seem like a serious health issue, some studies have shown that older adults who are anemic are at risk of losing their physical abilities, experiencing a functional deterioration, getting hospitalized, and being admitted to nursing homes … Continue reading

Know Which Tasks Your Senior Loved One Is Struggling With

Most seniors prefer to live in their own homes rather than move in with a family member or relocate to a nursing home. However, many of them begin to have trouble with everyday activities, such as shopping, cooking, housekeeping, and personal care, as they continue to age. You may hear your senior loved ones complaining … Continue reading

Seniors Need Good Hygiene for Better Health

Your senior loved one needs to observe proper routines for personal hygiene if you want them to stay healthy. Good hygiene is one of the most practical ways to protect them from many illnesses. However, there may be times when they cannot care for themselves without a little help from someone else. You can speak … Continue reading

Help Your Seniors Keep Their Strength and Mobility Through Exercises

When your senior loved one spends most of their time lying in bed or lounging on the couch, the activity, or lack thereof, can cause their muscles to waste away. As per our consultant in Advantage Senior Care, even when seniors are eating the right food and taking their prescribed medication, they still need to … Continue reading

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