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Simple Ways to Enhance Senior’s Mobility

Exercise plays a role in helping seniors age gracefully. From walking, eating to bathing, regular exercise helps seniors carry out daily activities independently. Exercise also boosts mental health, improves mood, and fights depression. Most importantly, physical exercise reduces the risks of falling at home and maintains strength and mobility. Below are ways to enhance mobility … Continue reading

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What Seniors Should Know Before Starting Yoga

What Seniors Should Know Before Starting YogaOne of the major selling points of Yoga is its adaptability to various populations of differing physical abilities and needs. Whether you’re 16 or 60 years old doesn’t matter— there are poses and exercises that will suit you quite nicely. How Appropriate Is Yoga for Seniors? Yoga is a … Continue reading

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Looking Out for Our Elders’ Mental Health

Our elderly loved ones are prone to depression and anxiety because of the stress that comes with old age and the sudden inability to cope with life’s challenges. Sometimes, it can’t be helped that they do not function the same way as they did when they were younger albeit they try very hard but it’s … Continue reading

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Fun Brain Stimulating Games for Seniors

A lot of cases have proven how aging can be tricky for your brain health. The good news is, there are ways to help maintain your memory and brain health. Keeping your body healthy is as important as keeping your mind healthy, especially in old age. Here at Advantage Senior Care, a trusted and well-established Home … Continue reading

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Elder Care Tips – Getting Ready to Age in Place

Aging in place is the preferred choice of most seniors. This option is more comfortable than moving out to an assisted living facility. It is also a less stressful choice. Continuing to live in a place you’re familiar with eliminates the stress of having to adjust to a new environment. If there’s an elderly person … Continue reading

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Helping Seniors Achieve Healthy Hair

Our hair is among the most noticeable part of our body—even from a distance. And it plays a huge part in our appearance. As we age, we lose the luster we once had. The color may turn gray and we may experience some hair loss. These changes can also affect how seniors feel about themselves. … Continue reading

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