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6 Reasons Behind Medication Mismanagement in Seniors

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that five out of every six seniors aged sixty-five years old and above take at least one medication while nearly half of the geriatric population take three meds or more. In spite of this, fifty-five percent of the elderly demographics receiving non-medical homecare in Indiana have been … Continue reading

Manage Geriatric Depression – Part 2

Particularly in senior the years, managing depression may not be easy. Older adults can experience different life adjustments that include changes in their physical ability, health, autonomy, and nutrition needs. Dealing with depression is an extension to these already uncontrollable changes. Here are some helpful tips: Ensure that they attend their doctor’s appointments Older adults … Continue reading

Senior Adults Must Avoid Overstretching

As per the experts in our senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana, senior adults need to perform light exercises to improve their posture and flexibility. Before they do, they need to warm-up first by stretching. Stretching is essential because it increases the blood flow and helps muscles recuperate from the exercise activities. However, senior adults need to keep … Continue reading

Aging in Place Means Growing Old at Home

Many senior adults want to stay in their homes as long as possible because their home is where they are most comfortable. They find comfort in its familiarity, and they know that they can remain as independent as they can be. According to health professionals at our non-medical homecare in Indiana, the familiarity of a … Continue reading

Avoiding Mealtime Choking Hazards During the Holidays

Many senior citizens look forward to family reunions or get-togethers because they get to dine with their loved ones, tell stories of their past, and share their knowledge with younger ones. It is the time when they feel connected and loved by the ones close to them. When you are planning a menu for family … Continue reading

3 Ways to Promote the Health and Wellness of Your Beloved Seniors

In their younger years, they took care of us. They’ve done their share of working long hours in the office. Now that they’re old, they deserve to receive proper care. Of course, the best way to keep them healthy and happy would be to avail of senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana. On top of that, … Continue reading

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