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Dementia in Senior Adults: Know When to Seek Outside Help


If your senior family member has dementia, it is imperative that someone tends to them day and night. Yes, they require frequent monitoring because of the complexity of this condition.

Sadly, senior citizens who have dementia may suffer from a lack of concentration or reasoning, memory loss, hallucinations, or slow and unbalanced movements, which is why it is dangerous for them to let them be by themselves.

Senior adults with dementia may also have problems with their speech and communication. It can be frustrating for them and their loved ones when they cannot understand each other.

Recognizing the symptoms of dementia and incorporating early intervention such as professional dementia home care can help delay the progression of the condition. Through a series of therapies and medication, it can also reduce prevailing symptoms for your senior family member.

Sometimes, when your senior family member appears to be in a fantastic mood, they may successfully attend to their activities of daily living without any help. They can tend to light housekeeping and even gardening. However, when they are in a gloomy state, they may need services for non-medical homecare in Indiana to tend to their home and personal needs.

The objective of Advantage Senior Care is to help your senior family member with dementia live safely and comfortably in their home without feeling agitated or unsafe. We strive to make them experience fewer periods of confusion and stress.

Our in-home care can provide a respite for family caregivers who need to take a break from their caregiving duties. Our services for senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana can also provide full-time memory care to ensure your loved one’s safety and security in case you are no longer able to.

If you have questions about our services for home health care, you are more than welcome to contact us at your convenience.

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