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Helping Seniors Achieve Healthy Hair

Helping Seniors Achieve Healthy Hair

Our hair is among the most noticeable part of our body—even from a distance. And it plays a huge part in our appearance. As we age, we lose the luster we once had. The color may turn gray and we may experience some hair loss. These changes can also affect how seniors feel about themselves.

Proper hair care for seniors is not just about getting the right shampoo. Healthy hair is a product of healthy habits and the environment.

When preparing for a bath, the caregiver has to ensure the environment is calm. Anxious seniors can get agitated while their hair is washed, making it risky for shampoo to get into their eyes or mouth. The type of hair should be considered, too. The more oily it is, the more washing it needs. Washing the hair does not need to happen every day and this should be consulted based on your senior’s condition.

After washing, the best style that stays longer without doing any damage would be the simplest one. The use of hair accessories should be limited to those that do not pull the hair or exert unnecessary force. Independent seniors can do simple styles on their own.

Your Senior Care in Indiana encourages care tips for your senior’s health and overall well-being.

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