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Manage Geriatric Depression – Part 1

Particularly in the senior years, managing depression may not be easy. Older adults can experience different life adjustments that include changes in their physical ability, health, autonomy, and nutrition needs. Dealing with depression is an extension to these already uncontrollable changes. Here are some helpful tips: Make them socially active Loneliness can be blocked if … Continue reading

Know What to Do When Your Senior Adult Has Heartburn

When your senior family member complains about experiencing a sharp burning feeling in their chest, it can mean that they have heartburn. Acid reflux often causes heartburn as per the experts in our senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana. Heartburns usually go away on their own for as long as you keep the acidity in your senior loved … Continue reading

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Senior Adults Must Avoid Overstretching

As per the experts in our senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana, senior adults need to perform light exercises to improve their posture and flexibility. Before they do, they need to warm-up first by stretching. Stretching is essential because it increases the blood flow and helps muscles recuperate from the exercise activities. However, senior adults need to keep … Continue reading

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Why Ambulation Is Important: Advantages in Seniors

Engaging in light physical activities, ambulation is very important especially for seniors who were recently hospitalized or operated. Most ambulation practices are conducted in the comfort of the patient’s own home since home health care is considered to be the most effective and cost-efficient compared to hospitalization. Here are some advantages and importance of ambulation … Continue reading

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Outdoor Activities Fit for Seniors

Staying at home can become a little lonely and boring at times especially when you are alone with your home health care provider and when you are limited with the things you can do by your age. There are a lot of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by senior citizens and those who are … Continue reading

Dementia in Senior Adults: Know When to Seek Outside Help

If your senior family member has dementia, it is imperative that someone tends to them day and night. Yes, they require frequent monitoring because of the complexity of this condition. Sadly, senior citizens who have dementia may suffer from a lack of concentration or reasoning, memory loss, hallucinations, or slow and unbalanced movements, which is … Continue reading

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