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Commonly Asked Questions About Home Care
How Do I Find the Right Caregiver for My Loved One?
Our caregivers will meet with you and your loved one to fully assess everyone’s specific needs. We will meet in the home initially so you feel more comfortable and allow us to do a safety inspection of the house. We’ll discuss what services are needed and what we provide. Advantage Senior Care will develop a personalized care plan and work with you to modify it if necessary. Only then will we look through our list of skilled caregivers to find the one that matches your plan.
My Loved One Only Needs Help Now and Then. Can We Get Occasional Help?
The great thing about home care is that we can personalize it to suit your needs. If you only need assistance around the house once or twice a week, we can help. We can do that if your loved one needs transportation to doctors’ appointments. Advantage Senior Care is here to fill in the gaps that keep your senior relatives from leading independent life.
What Happens If Something Changes? Can You Still Help?
We can re-evaluate and adjust your loved one’s care plan anytime. We understand that health conditions can and do change. We can provide specialized in-home non-medical care after hospitalizations, providing a sense of relief to both patients and families. If your loved one experiences a decline in cognitive abilities or serious illness, we will evaluate the current caregiver to determine if they are still qualified to provide quality care. If not, we will consult with you and explore substituting another of our caregivers with more training and experience. The health and safety of our clients are our top priorities at all times at Advantage Senior Care.
Is There a Long-Term Contract?
We don’t believe in long-term contracts when providing home care. We realize that there are all needs, from respite care to after-surgery and for any time frame, from hours to weeks or longer. A family may need a few hours of respite care, or someone may need assistance after surgery. They don’t need to be in a nursing home for a year or have a live-in nurse for months. Contact Advantage Senior Care to see all our home care options.
How Soon Can We Start?

We prefer not to rush the evaluation process. Of course, there are always emergencies, and in those cases, we can make exceptions, so please call us, and we’ll work with you to see if there is a resolution.

In non-emergency cases, we often match a skilled caregiver with a client within days of initial contact. This is an important relationship; a good start is vital, so we take the “matchmaking process” seriously. We want this association to be happy and last!