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Why Ambulation Is Important: Advantages in Seniors

Engaging in light physical activities, ambulation is very important especially for seniors who were recently hospitalized or operated. Most ambulation practices are conducted in the comfort of the patient’s own home since home health care is considered to be the most effective and cost-efficient compared to hospitalization. Here are some advantages and importance of ambulation … Continue reading

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Outdoor Activities Fit for Seniors

Staying at home can become a little lonely and boring at times especially when you are alone with your home health care provider and when you are limited with the things you can do by your age. There are a lot of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by senior citizens and those who are … Continue reading

Dementia in Senior Adults: Know When to Seek Outside Help

If your senior family member has dementia, it is imperative that someone tends to them day and night. Yes, they require frequent monitoring because of the complexity of this condition. Sadly, senior citizens who have dementia may suffer from a lack of concentration or reasoning, memory loss, hallucinations, or slow and unbalanced movements, which is … Continue reading

Aging in Place Means Growing Old at Home

Many senior adults want to stay in their homes as long as possible because their home is where they are most comfortable. They find comfort in its familiarity, and they know that they can remain as independent as they can be. According to health professionals at our non-medical homecare in Indiana, the familiarity of a … Continue reading

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Anemia in Seniors Must Not Be Taken Lightly

Senior citizens who have an iron deficiency and vitamin B12 deficiency can have anemia. Although the condition may not seem like a serious health issue, some studies have shown that older adults who are anemic are at risk of losing their physical abilities, experiencing a functional deterioration, getting hospitalized, and being admitted to nursing homes … Continue reading

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Know Which Tasks Your Senior Loved One Is Struggling With

Most seniors prefer to live in their own homes rather than move in with a family member or relocate to a nursing home. However, many of them begin to have trouble with everyday activities, such as shopping, cooking, housekeeping, and personal care, as they continue to age. You may hear your senior loved ones complaining … Continue reading

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