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Know What to Do When Your Senior Adult Has Heartburn

Know What to Do When Your Senior Adult Has Heartburn

When your senior family member complains about experiencing a sharp burning feeling in their chest, it can mean that they have heartburn. Acid reflux often causes heartburn as per the experts in our senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Heartburns usually go away on their own for as long as you keep the acidity in your senior loved one’s body at a minimum. For now, advise them to avoid drinking coffee or carbonated drinks and eating a lot of citrus fruits. Let them stick with water. Aside from that, remind them to chew their food slowly so that they can break down large chunks before swallowing them.

It can also help your senior adult from repeated experiences of heartburn if they maintain a healthy weight. Belly fats usually pressure the acid to go up from their stomach to their esophagus. Burning these fats can reduce the production of stomach acid.

If your senior loved one’s heartburn becomes disturbingly frequent, it is wise to seek a medical provider or take them to their doctor for consultation before it causes severe problems. By running tests, doctors can identify their condition and give them proper treatment. Keep in mind that heartburn is sometimes the first sign of an approaching heart attack.

Sometimes, your senior adult’s prescription is the one causing their heartburns. It’s essential that you check back with their doctor to see if any of the medication that your loved one is taking causes heartburn.

Hiring a care attendant for non-medical homecare in Indiana can be beneficial for you and your senior loved one. Aside from helping them with their personal needs and housework, they can also watch over them in case they feel pain or other symptoms and take them to a doctor right away.

If you need our home health care services to cater to your senior loved one’s care needs at home, you are welcome to give us a call.

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