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Know Which Tasks Your Senior Loved One Is Struggling With

Know Which Tasks Your Senior Loved One Is Struggling With

Most seniors prefer to live in their own homes rather than move in with a family member or relocate to a nursing home. However, many of them begin to have trouble with everyday activities, such as shopping, cooking, housekeeping, and personal care, as they continue to age.

You may hear your senior loved ones complaining or voicing out concerns like how doing the laundry wears them out more than it used to, how carrying the grocery bags make their shoulders hurt, or how the stairs are getting harder to climb.

While you or the rest of the family members and friends can lend a hand, it’s not all the time that you all are available to assist. Fortunately, there is a provider of non-medical homecare in Indiana that can take some of this responsibility off your plate. At the same time, it can still extend your seniors’ independence and improve their home safety.

If you and your family decide to hire a professional caregiver for senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana, it is best to list some common things that your senior relatives have a hard time doing recently.

Our home health care can render light housekeeping services for your senior loved ones. However, please keep in mind that our caregiver’s main task is to provide personal support and supervision, not just vacuum and laundry. If you want a thorough cleaning, you can always hire a professional cleaning service that can help with these tasks.

We can also render escort services that may include transportation to doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy, or the grocery store. If your senior loved ones do not like to leave their home, then the caregiver can run the errands for them.

It is essential that you talk with your senior loved ones about what they think their needs are and discuss with the rest of the family members who are involved in their care. Should you decide to hire a professional caregiver, you can contact Advantage Senior Care for our quality support.

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