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Look: Reasons Why Seniors Need Skin and Nail Care


Seniors cannot keep up with their hygiene as they grow older. This is one of the indications for family members to know that their senior loved ones need home care services.

Hygiene is essential for seniors. And the word hygiene is not complete without the involvement of skin and nail care. The skin and the nails are the reflections of a person’s health. These two body parts will speak a lot regarding a person’s overall health management.

As a provider of senior care in Indiana, we notice how seniors love being clean and tidy. Their appearance can boost their confidence. Hence, it is vital that we, as caregivers, should care for their overall appearance.

The skin loses its elasticity and moisture and becomes thinner and fragile as a person ages. The production of collagen and elastin will lessen, leading to the sensitivity of a senior’s skin.

On the other hand, the brittles, discoloration, and deformity in the nails of older adults can lead to nail infection and other chronic disorders. Without proper care for their nails, their health may be compromised.

That is why in our non-medical home care, we make sure to provide personal care and other essential services for seniors to benefit from. We recognize the need for seniors to maintain their skin and nails. Unhygienic seniors often have more pressing diseases that they acquire because of poor skin and nail health.

Advantage Senior Care is a provider of home health care in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a line of services for the benefit of seniors who need them.

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