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Senior Adults Must Avoid Overstretching

Senior Adults Must Avoid Overstretching

As per the experts in our senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana, senior adults need to perform light exercises to improve their posture and flexibility. Before they do, they need to warm-up first by stretching. Stretching is essential because it increases the blood flow and helps muscles recuperate from the exercise activities.

However, senior adults need to keep in mind that when they overstretch, it can result in them experiencing muscle strain. Overstretching can tear their muscles. When that happens, it can damage small blood vessels, producing pain and even bleeding if the nerve endings become inflamed.

It may be best if your senior family member has a physical instructor to guide them on the type of exercises that they can incorporate in their day to day life. That way there are fewer chances that they experience muscle or other bodily injuries or during their workout.

Better yet, you can enroll your senior loved one to a yoga class for senior citizens. It can be fun for your family member to engage in exercises and socialize at the same time. Through a well-trained yoga class instructor, they can get some guidance on how to do stretching without overdoing it.

If your senior family member complains about having strained their muscles because of overstretching, you can help them by putting an ice pack on the injured area for twenty to thirty minutes. An icepack can numb the pain and give soothing effects. You can also let them take pain relievers for fast and temporary relief. If the symptoms do not subside, accompany them to a healthcare provider or doctor’s clinic.

Our non-medical homecare in Indiana does not only provide care services at home for senior adults. Our care workers can also accompany them to their doctor’s appointments or other errands outside their residence.

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