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Why Ambulation Is Important: Advantages in Seniors

Why Ambulation Is Important: Advantages in Seniors

Engaging in light physical activities, ambulation is very important especially for seniors who were recently hospitalized or operated. Most ambulation practices are conducted in the comfort of the patient’s own home since home health care is considered to be the most effective and cost-efficient compared to hospitalization. Here are some advantages and importance of ambulation in seniors:

  • Reduces bed sores
    Patients that become stagnant for a long period of time can develop bed sores. This is due to the reduced blood flow and the specific pressure of the blood in one area due to a lack of movement. The reduction of blood flow can inhibit the flow of other minerals and nutrients that are present in the blood.
  • Strengthens muscles and joints
    Due to a previous operation or accident, the capacity and strength of the muscles and joints is most likely to decrease. With proper exercise or ambulation, the affected muscles and joints can regain its strength and capacity. It also helps improve its endurance and flexibility thus reducing damage especially in people of old age.
  • Independence
    When done with professionals, the patients will easily get back on track and will be able to go on with their old lifestyles without hassle. They will be constantly guided by professionals, but they will still able to do some of the things on their own and greatly improve the sense of self of the seniors. This is why senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana is an essential and important investment.

With these advantages in mind, Advantage Senior Care is one of the most affordable and leading providers of senior care, especially on ambulation assistance. Not only can we provide non-medical homecare in Indiana, but we can also provide services that are able to tackle on the medical home care of seniors. To get more idea on the different kinds of services we offer, you can visit our website and contact us today!

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