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Healthy Eating Tips: Foods to Maintain Strong Bones for the Elderly

Healthy Eating Tips Foods to Maintain Strong Bones for the Elderly

Unlike their young active selves, senior citizens now suffer from aching muscles and weak bones. But they don’t have to experience extreme bone pain. A provider of senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana knows how best to minimize bone-health issues just by preparing the right foods for your beloved seniors. Specifically, talk to the home health care provider you hired to create a weekly or monthly menu around the following bone-health foods:

  • Calcium-Rich Veggies and Fruits – Dark leafy greens, such as kale and Chinese cabbage, are packed with the calcium bones need to stay strong. So do dates, blackberries, and prickly pears.
  • Cheese and Yogurt – Make a sandwich made out of whole wheat bread and an ounce of cheese. Serve this for breakfast for lunch or dinner to give your seniors a real treat. For dinner, pair this up with milk or tea to ensure your loved ones will also get a good and restful sleep.
  • Grains and Nuts – Nuts make perfect additions to salads, especially vegetable salads consisting of mostly green leafy veggies. Almonds and Brazil nuts also make perfect snacks when paired with oats in milk.
  • Beans and Soy – You can give your seniors 861mg of calcium just by serving half a cup of tofu that is calcium-enriched. You can add these to your veggie soup and serve it for dinner.

Food preparation is one of the tasks you can delegate to a provider of non-medical homecare in Indiana. Here at Advantage Senior Care, we take the task of helping you take care of your elderly relatives seriously.

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