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Medication Safety for Senior Citizens

Medication Safety for Senior Citizens

YThe older we get the more likely we are going to need some form of medication for the maintenance of our health. These medications range from heart medication to dietary supplements that provide needed vitamins and minerals. Taking medication safely is very important at an old age because as the body age, complications may arise that affecting how drugs and medication work on the body. An example of this would be the liver and kidney not working so well and affecting how the drug might be processed in the body. Here are a few safety reminders for the proper administration of medications for seniors.

  • Always consult your doctor first

    Your doctor most likely will know your health history and will be able to tell you the proper way to administer certain medicines. Your doctor might even refer alternatives that don’t involve medication such as a change in diet or exercise.

  • Always take the medicine as prescribed

    YAdministration of medication always comes with instructions on how much of a certain drug to take and when. Side effects of taking medicine not as prescribed include adversely affecting your kidneys or liver, building a resistance or dependency to the medication, and increased toxicity in the body.

  • Properly organize your medication

    YIn cases where you are taking many different kinds of medication, it is very important to have them properly organized to prevent taking the wrong medicine at the wrong time.

With our home health care and non-medical homecare in Indiana, we help ensure that your elderly loved ones are able to take their required medication in the safest way possible. Our senior care in Indianapolis, Indiana are proud to be able to provide you with the highest quality senior care.

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